Minimig ARM v1.0


▪ emulates four floppy drives
▪ adds write support to hard drive and floppy disks
▪ allows increase of the CPU speed from 7.09 MHz to 49.63 MHz with a 4kB zero waitstate CPU cache
▪ allows usage of long floppy file names
▪ allows usage of directories on the SD card
▪ allows unlimited number of files per directory
▪ support for 2 HDF files
▪ fast firmware boot

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ARM Controller for MiniMig

On 2008-12-22 a replacement board that fits in the PIC (MCU) controller socket were announced. It makes harddrive, 4x floppy disk and write support possible. The FPGA core is the same for the new ARM and PIC firmware but only the ARM has enough resources to support four drives. The PIC only supports two. The upgrade also allows one to select to increase the CPU speed from 7.09 to 49.63 MHz with a 4 KB zero waitstate CPU cache. But it requires an FPGA core to actually carry it out (which works with the 16 MHz 68SEC000 chips). The harddrive support is available by a virtual A600/A1200 style GAYLE parallel ATA interface. Up to 551 kByte/s is possible with a minor hardware modification. Otherwise only ~300 kByte/s is possible.

What’s Included

ARM Minimig board.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 cm


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