Minimig SuperPIC


▪ Emulates four floppy drives
▪ Adds write support to hard drive and floppy disks
▪ Allows increase of the CPU speed from 7.09 MHz to 49.63 MHz with a 4kB zero waitstate CPU cache
▪ Allows usage of long floppy file names
▪ Allows usage of directories on the SD card
▪ Allows unlimited number of files per directory
▪ Support for 2 HDF files
▪ Fast firmware boot

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ARM Controller for MiniMig

SuperPIC upgrade allows one to select to increase the CPU speed from 7.09 to 49.63 MHz with a 4 KB zero waitstate CPU cache. But it requires an FPGA core to actually carry it out (which works with the 16 MHz 68SEC000 chips). The harddrive support is available by a virtual A600/A1200 style GAYLE parallel ATA interface. Up to 551 kByte/s is possible with a minor hardware modification. Otherwise only ~300 kByte/s is possible. In addition this chip can support four floppy drives.

What’s Included

ARM Minimig board.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 cm


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