Minimig v1.1 2MB White, CPU MC68SEC000


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The Minimig, the first hardware emulator of an Amiga 500 system based on Dennis van Weeren’s open source project

The original Amiga chipset (OCS and ECS) is re-implemented in FPGA.
Furthermore, thanks to the onboard 68000 cpu, the same used on the original machine. the emulation of the original hardware is accurate and it is possible to run a wide number of games and applications simply copying the ADF files (they are images of the original floppy disks) on a standard SD card. Standard PS2 keyboard and mouse (commonly used on PCs) are supported as well as original Amiga mouse and joystick.

The Minimig SuperPIC controller replaces the original PIC chip on the Minimig FPGA board and offers the following new services:

  • Faster data transfer – floppy
  • Support of up to 4 virtual floppy drives (1x and 2x speed)
  • Revised OSD menu.
  • 68000 clock to 45MHz!

In addition you will get 16GB SD card with latest SuperPIC core. Power supply is included (110V-220V)You are all set to enjoy this Amiga computer!

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