Minimig v1.81 (Purple), CPU MC68SEC000, Acrylic case


This is new 2022 REV 8 of Minimig board. Major improvement is DIP64 socket that can support original NMOS and CMOS MC68000 CPU including PiStorm. In addition we moved LEDs and buttons to the front and all the ports to the back of the board. Another major improvement is onboard ARM controller. 

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Enjoy Amiga with real DIP64 MC68000!

Amiga Minimig v1.81

This latest Amiga Minimig computer – REV 8
Comparing to original release v1.0 and 1.1, this board has:

DIP64 Socket and full MC68000 compatibility. NMOS and CMOS version of the CPU is supported.
PiStorm compatibility – Using optimized Emu68 over 800MIPS of CPU performance! About 3-4X speed of Vampire.
Old PIC is replaced with ARM controller for faster IO and additional firmware features.

Board has:
VGA connector for for video output. 15KHz and 31KHz modes supported. PAL and NTSC.
Two DB9 joystick ports.
One DB9 serial port used by Amiga or ARM MCU.
Fast SPI modification – with a switch on the board (16MHz SPI).
Micro SD card for FPGA core, ADF and HDF files.
PS/2 mouse and keyboard support

As an Amiga this configuration resembles Amiga 600. Full OCS/ECS support with 2MB or CHIP RAM.

Tested CPUs:
MC68000 @ 7MHz (NMOS)
MC68HC000 @ 7MHz (CMOS)
MC68SEC000 @ 7MHz and 42MHz (CMOS)
PiStorm – running official core and Emu68

Interesting characteristic is the ability to run MC68SEC000 at 42MHz with the same RAM access speed. For this reason Minimig is awesome platform for old 3D games like Armour-Geddon where this Amiga exhibits some amazing performance.

What’s Included

Minimig 1.81 board with SD card (16GB) containing Minimig FPGA core, MC68SEC000 @ 42MHz, Acrylic case, Universal power supply – 5V 5A

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm

Amiga 600 ECS/OCS.
Can read Standard Amiga .ADF files.
Can use standard Amiga .HDD file.
Support for DIP64 original CPUs – MC68000 DIP64 NMOS, CMOS

Size and weight

Custom size of the board – 148mm x 206mm



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  1. Kevin Johnston

    Just received my minimig 1.8, love it, works perfectly. Great developers and amazing customer service too.

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