Minimig v1.97itx 6MB (Yellow ENIG), CPU MC68SEC000


This is new 2023 REV 97itx of Minimig board. Major improvements: 6 layers ENIG, resettable fuse, +5V voltage regulation, super coupling, support for 60MHz MC68SEC000, new OCS/ECS MIA chip added, support for TF030 @ 50MHz, Support for PiStorm kick.rom caching. LED indicators for +3.3, +1.25, +2.5. +5V, fast CBTD shifters. MiniITX form factor and 6MB of RAM. 

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Enjoy Amiga with real DIP64 MC68000!

Minimig v1.97itx

This is very significant release – hardware and software wise. 

Changes to the PCB:
1. New PCB, 6-layers ENIG gold plated. 
2. Super coupling design – SIGPwr-GND SIGPwr-GND SIGPwr-GND. 
2.1 Significant improvement in track routing.
3. Lvl shifting – super fast SN74CBTD
4. Finally +5V voltage regulation including using DC-DC
5. For power supply Minimig can support anything from +5V to +12V
6. Resettable fuse added
7. Schottky diode added – SBRT 
8. LEDs for power status +2.5V, +1.25V, +3.3V, +5V
9. New solid caps
10. Now Minimig comes with +12V 4A supply so you can run your favourite 030 accelerator. 
11. 6MB of RAM
12. MiniITX form factor with ITX power connector. LED and button headers included.

What can board do?
1. Support for 58MHz MC68SEC000
1.1 Support for 32MHz MC68HC000
2. Support for TerribleFire card, 030 tested – Only 50MHz 68030
3. Support for other random accelerator cards. 020 card tested.  
4. Full support for PiStorm including – caching kick.rom due to the fact that BOOTROM is gone!
5. Improved FastSPI. 

This release includes new Amiga ECS/OCS FPGA core. I am happy to say that new MIA chip is included in the latest version. MIA chip is responsible for BOOTROM replacement. Removing BootRom was very important for accelerator compatibility and PiStorm. Please keep in mind that many accelerator boards will work with Minimig v1.9 but not all. So far I tested PiStorm, TF030@50MHz amd 68EC020-TK.


What’s Included

Minimig 1.97itx board with SD card (16GB) containing Minimig FPGA core, MC68SEC000 @ 58-60MHz, Universal power supply +12V 4A


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Dimensions 36 × 26 × 16 cm