Original FPGA Amiga

VER 1.97itx

This board is designed to fit perfectly into any MiniITX case and is compatible with standard ITX power supplies. It features an added LED and button header, allowing you to easily connect necessary buttons and LEDs to your MiniITX case. Additionally, a circuitry for ITX power latch has been included, ensuring that the standard power button will function properly. One of the major improvements is the addition of 2MB of FastRAM, bringing the total onboard RAM of the Minimig to 6MB. Furthermore, enhancements have been made in the Verilog, enabling Minimig to automatically configure the 2MB of fast RAM in hardware. The board has undergone thorough testing with various components, including the TF030 accelerator, MC68000 and Pistorm.

Never give up, never surrender!

OpenSource forever!

Minimig started around January 2005 as a proof of concept by Dutch electrical engineer Dennis van Weeren. He intended Minimig as the answer to the ongoing discussions within the Amiga community on implementing the Amiga custom chipset using an FPGA.

If you have skills you can build it yourself

Minimig for everyone!

If you are brave and skillfull enough it is possible to build this amazing computer from scratch. Gerber files and complete BOM are available from this website. For all others, you can purchase MiniMig here, fully assembled and tested.

Basement fab:)

QiHE pick and place

Thanks to this entry level PnP machine we can produce five boards per day! In addition we have spare components in stock.

Basement fab:)

Precise stencil printer

SMT stencil printer is perfect addition to any assembly line. Every Minimig we produce has precise mount of solder paste.

Basement fab:)

Reflow oven
Reflow soldering

Using T-962C we can produce up to 6 boards per reflow cycle. Profile is selected based on Minimig board characteristics.

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