Minimig Software for ARM controller AT91SAM7S256-AU-001

FileSummary + LabelsUploadedSize
ASB140501.zipARM Controller Bootloader+FirmwareJun 16 2021174K

Minimig Software for Super PIC 18F26K20

FileSummary + LabelsUploadedSize
tinybld_18F26K20.HEXSuper PIC 18F26K20 – BootloaderJun 16 2021773
KGL140914.hexSuper PIC 18F26K20 – FirmwareJun 16 2021124K
minimig1.binSuper PIC 18F26K20 – FPGA CoreJun 16 2021208K
firstflash_bootloader+KGL140914.hexSuper PIC 18F26K20 – Boot loader and firmwareJun 16 2021183K

Minimig Software for Original PIC 18F252

FileSummary + LabelsUploadedSize
tinybld_18F252.HEXOriginal PIC 18F252 – BootloaderJun 16 2021667
PGL100818.hexOriginal PIC 18F252 – FirmwareJun 16 202190K
minimig1.binOriginal PIC 18F252 – FPGA CoreJun 16 2021208K

Software for Programing

FileSummary + LabelsUploadedSize
XgproV1100_Setup.exeXGecuPro Programer – PIC Jun 16 202129M
tinybld198.zipMinimig Serial ProgramerJun 16 2021898K
sam-ba_2.16_windows.exeARM USB ProgramerJun 16 202112M

Minimig Software from Google Archive (Unsorted)

FileSummary + LabelsUploadedSize
PGL100818_AltCoreSel.zipPGL100818 Pic firmware supporting FYQ100818 FPGA core adding support for alternate core loading but without support for turbo keyboard switchingOct 9, 201030.03KB
PGL100818.zipPGL100818 Pic firmware supporting FYQ100818 FPGA coreOct 9, 201029.98KB
FYQ100818.zipFYQ100818 FPGA core fileAug 19, 201093.23KB
AYQ100818.zipAYQ100818 ARM firmware upgradeAug 19, 201027.43KB
PYQ091224.zipYQ091224 PIC firmware upgrade fileDec 24, 200924.04KB
AYQ091224.zipYQ091224 ARM firmware upgrade fileDec 24, 200927.08KB
FYQ091224.zipYQ091224 FPGA core fileDec 24, 200989.06KB
PIC_FIRMWARE_PYQ090911.zipPIC firmware for YQ090911 releaseNov 27, 200922.29KB
minimig_YQ090911.zipYQ090911 binary filesSep 13, 2009110.15KB
ARM_FIRMWARE_BIN_AYQ090911.zipAYQ090911 ARM firmware binary file for USB upgrades using SAM-BASep 13, 200925.06KB
minimig_build_YQ090421.zipMinimig YQ090421 binary files and user manualMay 5, 2009870.32KB
minimig_source_YQ090421.zipMinimig YQ090421 Verilog, C and Assembly sourcesMay 5, 2009140KB
Minimig_source_13.zipSource Archive – Altera DE – V.13 Jan 7, 20091.26MB
Minimig_DE1_config_13.zipBitstream Files (compiled) – For Altera DE1 – v.13Jan 7, 2009402.52KB
Minimig_DE2_config_13.zipBitstream Files (compiled) – For Altera DE2 – v.13Jan 7, 2009536.53KB
minimig13_de1.zipBitstream Files (compiled w/ Q8.1) – For Altera DE1 – v.13 – Works on PCBs with PSC SDRAMJan 7, 2009394.55KB
Minimig_de2_12e.zipBitstream Files (compiled) – For Altera DE2 – v.12eJan 7, 2009565.33KB
Minimig_de1_12e.zipBitstream Files (compiled) – For Altera DE1 – v.12eJan 7, 2009508.93KB
Source_minimig_DE1DE2_12e_new.zipSource Archive – Minimig Source code for the DE1 & DE2 – 12eJan 7, 2009298.91KB
minimig1_gerbers.zipThe Minimig Rev1.0 gerbers. Beware for the patch!Jan 7, 2009290.45KB
minimig1_layout.pdfThis is the Minimig Rev1.0 PCB layout. Beware for the patch! Jan 7, 2009286.5KB
minimig1_schematics.pdfThese are the Minimig Rev1.0 schematics. Beware for the patch!Jan 7, 2009312.66KB
minimig1_build_07_10_2007.zipOlder Minimig Rev 1.x firmware and core builds.Jan 7, 200995.18KB
minimig1_firmware_15_07_2007.zipOlder Minimig Rev 1.x PIC controller source files.Jan 7, 200931.3KB
minimig1_bootrom_15_07_2007.zipOlder Minimig Rev 1.x assembler bootrom sources, together with makescript, assembler and translation tool.Jan 7, 200964.98KB
DE2_Minimig12c.zipBitstream Files (compiled) – Minimig ported to the Terasic Altera DE2 board with softcore 68000!Jan 7, 2009595.29KB
DE1_Minimig12c.zipBitstream Files (compiled) – Minimig ported to the Terasic Altera DE1 board with softcore 68000!Jan 7, 2009504.92KB
minimig1_bom.txtSpecifications – Minimig Rev1.x bill of materials.Jan 7, 20096.6KB
minimig11_gerbers.zipSpecifications – The Minimig Rev1.1 gerbers.Jan 7, 2009250.79KB
minimig11_schematics.pdfSpecifications – These are the Minimig Rev1.1 schematics. Jan 7, 2009312.3KB
S2VRLG_15_07_2007.zipSource Archive – These are the source and project files for the S19 to Verilog translation tool. The project can be opened with Dev CPP. Jan 7, 200921.53KB
minimig1_man.pdfDocumentation – Once you have built a Minimig Rev1.x, you’ll need a manual! Jan 7, 20098.68KB
minimig1_build_27_04_2008.zipBitstream Files (compiled) – Minimig Rev 1.x firmware and core builds. Jan 7, 200996.92KB
minimig1_source_27_04_2008.zipSource Archive – These are all Minimig Rev1.x Verilog, C and Assembly sources.Jan 7, 2009167.2KB
minimigJ_build_04_08_2008.zipBitstream Files (compiled) – Jakub’s improved Minimig firmware and core builds, read the readme!. Jan 7, 2009197.93KB
minimigJ_source_04_08_2008.zipSource Archive – These are all Verilog, C and Assembly sources for Jakub’s improved Minimig core. Jan 7, 2009190.5KB